find the best psychologist  for you


Who is the best psychologist or counsellor in Sydney? This is a difficult question to answer. Much of it has to do with personal preference and the fit between the client and the therapist in the moment. There are, however, some characteristics that more effective therapist show.



Clients tend to leave their sessions feeling listened to and understood by their therapist. There will, of course, be times when the therapist doesn't understand or the client doesn't feel listened to. However, more effective therapists will tend to check in with their clients to clarify misunderstandings.



There is a sense that the therapist is being themselves in the session. There isn't the impression that they are playing a role or wearing a mask. They interact genuinely but professionally.


Positive regard

Effective therapists hold positive attitudes towards their clients. They affirm clients and praise them for their positive attributes and achievements. There is a sense of warmth and clients are unlikely to feel judged or criticised.



They work together with their clients. They don't assume that they know all the answers. They bring expertise in terms of their training and experience and combine this with the expertise that the client brings about themselves.



The interventions they use make sense to their clients. When a client is given an interpretation, information, or homework, they can see how this relates to their treatment goals. If the client doesn't understand, they feel safe to ask for clarification.



Effective therapists assess progress. They ask their clients directly and use questionnaires  to see if therapy is working. When therapy is working, they praise their clients and encourage them to continue. When therapy is not working, they discuss this with the client and make changes accordingly.


Every psychologist has strengths and weaknesses. What's important is that you feel listened to, understood, and respected by them. In addition, you should feel like you're working towards your goals and that the therapist's methods make sense and are helpful.


If this article describes your relationship with your psychologist, count yourself lucky! And refer your friends!